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Not all metal is created equal.  Research before you buy!

Professionally Fabricated Roofing Materials

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you’d do well to consider metal roofing from Circle K Metals. Supported by rigorous testing and research, our metal roofing products fill the diverse requirements of design and construction professionals, as well as Do-It-Yourselfers.


We are your trusted source for many profiles and styles for your new metal roof. If your roof has unusual slope changes and roof-to-wall intersections that require custom panels or flashings, we’re up to the challenge.


Despite what some may assume, the "metal is metal" idea is out of date. Quality and innovation do matter, and you can’t buy that from just anyone. When you choose us, you’re choosing an authorized dealer for Central States Manufacturing, Inc.  Central states has the latest technology, buying power to ensure best quality materials, and stand behind their product better than anyone in the business.


All of our prime panels are backed by a 40-year manufacturer warranty. You can trust in your insurance company to be happy with your choice of top-grade panels featuring a UL 2218 / class 4 impact resistance rating- an accolade that translates to hail-resistant quality roofing. Stated differently, our panels will hold up through virtually all weather conditions, and they will certainly go over well with your insurance company.

•  Metal roofs for homes, businesses, schools, churches, condos, etc.

•  Central States Manufacturing’s Panel-Loc-Plus

•  full storage building kits

•  Concealed fastener panels

•  All styles and colors of metal roofs

•  Full steel building kits

•  barnmaster corrugated panels

•  Commercial panels

•  Factory-direct roofing from Central States Manufacturing, Inc. and McElroy Metal.



   New Products!!

   - Limited lifetime paint warranty  

     now available


   - DIY red iron steel building kits


   - New style of vented closures



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